Men, Music, And Mediumship



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The other day I went to a beauty salon for a treatment, and got chatting to the therapist.

We started off the conversation reminiscing about all our favorite RnB artists, which then led inevitably (!) to the topic of men having multiple children with multiple different women.

We discussed the impact that this has had in our lives, and the lives of those we know.

Somewhere amidst all of this we got talking about Mediumship.

My therapist had recently seen one for the first time, after the death of her Grandma. 

There is one thing that Men, Music and Mediumship have in common.

That one thing is the ability to move us, for good or for bad.

Hearing the right note, or lyric can move a person to tears or intense joy.

Your father’s love can be the strongest and most protective force you will ever encounter – or not.

Mediumship, once you have experienced the real deal once, will never ever be something you can doubt again, though you may try.

This energy that is inherent in both Mediumship, Men and Music, is the energy of creation.

The Yang energy, that is a masculine quality at is most pure, is all about action and movement – manifestation.

It hit me whilst I was lying in the therapy room, that it must take a lot of energy for spirits to make themselves known to a Medium.

They make a decision to come though to us.

They take action to connect with us.

They then communicate through whatever way works for them and the Medium – sometimes this will actually be through music.

Mediumship also takes practice and discipline to fine tune – much like the hours a musician must put in.

This post isn’t really going anywhere other than seeing the link between three seemingly completely separate things, and understanding that life is really like that.

There is a common thread woven through every single thing we experience, or person that we meet.

That is how I can go to the salon for a treatment and find myself in deep spiritual discussion.

How wonderful!


Much love Txx

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