Spiritual Awakening – Again

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So I have been through a bit of a rough time lately, and I dealt with it in a way my old self would never have been able to do – I spoke up, I accepted, I tried to do my absolute best with grace and compassion. I forgave (including myself), I broke patterns.

It helped me to see how far I have come, and how much my understanding about life has changed and improved.

Then I realized – hang on a minute now – I just had my second spiritual awakening!

I would say my first spiritual awaking happened around the time of starting this blog, I had moved away from my home city of London a couple of times, I had begun an MA in Creative Writing.

I had experienced supernatural activity that could not be ignored, and I felt drawn to read Tarot cards, discovering a natural ability to do so.

Since then, I have developed my natural ability with cards, completed professional certification in Tarot Reading, and embarked on the journey of Mediumship development.

Somewhere along the way I have fallen in and out of love with men that I have known for large parts of my life.

I have met new and wonderful friends, and moved back to a new city.

I have completed an MA in Creative Writing, I have begun a new chapter in my career

So here I am, realizing that my intuitive abilities have taken another surge forward.

I listen to my intuition in a way that now helps me to see situations from a perspective that can only breed peace.

The bigger picture is always at the forefront of my mind, without me even realizing it.

I feel a level of contentment that is unshakable.

But none of this is down to me alone – I have allowed myself to be shaped by Spirit even when it felt wholly unfair and unjust.

I have had faith in the face of awful things.

My life is not ‘perfect’ by society’s standards at least, but I understand that from Heaven’s perspective, I am exactly where I need to be, and that is perfect.

Much love Txx

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