What We Can Expect From April




So, this is just a little note about what we can expect in the month of April.

For me this is a month where I will be retreating, going off to spend 5 silent nights in nature.

This is the month in which my favorite time of Easter will light up our lives.

This is the month in which the astrological New Year starts, and we can all begin to move forward with more fire and passion.

I have pulled a card for us, to help illustrate what April will have in store:



(Loyal Heart, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid- image from her website)


The guidebook that comes along with these cards has beautiful written messages for each one.

This one I will include here:

The Oracle’s message: Evidence of loyalty will appear in your life. Others will prove they are faithful to you, and you will in turn commit fully to them. There is a sure and abiding certainty in your heart. Know that Spirit is always loyal to you. No matter the outer circumstances in your life, trust and have faith, for you are eternally loved, always Divinely protected and Divinely directed.

Relationship message: Your partnerships, friendships, and romantic relationships all have many qualities in common right now. Honest devotion, faithfulness, and a loyal heart are being shown to you. Are you as loyal in return? Now is the time for heartfelt commitments and trusting in Divine Protection.

Prosperity message: Your long-term loyalty to your goals is becoming evident in the world of conditions, where your aspirations for success assume form in reality. Success is finally taking shape. If you are loyal to your dreams, faithful to your plans while remaining flexible, and devoted to serving others, you will be shown proof of your true prosperity. This is a time for a joyful celebration of Spirit, your manifesting partner.


April will be a month in which you learn who really has your back in life, the people you can count on, and those you may not be able to.

You will learn that you can always rely on yourself and your spiritual team.

You will understand that though others may hurt you, this is not always an indication of a disloyal heart.

Human beings hurt others, it is an unfortunate truth.

Loyalty is about demonstrating what is at the core of our hearts, even when we make mistakes, or are at the receiving end of another’s.

Good news!

This card has shown up because loyalty will be demonstrated to us this month, time and time again, even if we are not expecting it.

Much love Txx


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