Falling And Feeling

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The other day I fell down the stairs on my bum, and it still hurts a little when I write this.

It reminded me of when I went out with an ex-boyfriend last year, and fell on the ground after one too many drinks.

Both falls felt significant.

I believe everything that happens in our lives that feels significant is significant.

Falling as an adult especially, has a way of shocking us into some kind of revelation.

Sometimes the revelation is that we are getting older, and more frail, so our balance is not what it used to be.

Sometimes the revelation is that our health may not be up to parr.

Sometimes it is a ‘wake-up’ call about something else going on in our lives entirely.

I found myself at the bottom of the stairs in pain, and I literally just had to sit with it for a while slightly dazed.

Days later I was feeling sorry for myself, so naturally I typed into google:


“The spiritual significance of falling”


What I found was fascinating.

Several articles about how falling down the stairs really does mean something.

I reflected on what it may have meant for me, and it clicked –

I have had a super hard little while lately. If you read this blog regularly you will know that.

I fell out with someone who means a lot to me, and I literally had no time to wallow as it coincided with the busiest weeks of the year at my new(ish) job.


I haven’t let myself process how hurt and let down I feel by what has happened.


I tend to move forward quickly after something bad/sad has happened, sometimes not fully understanding the impact it’s had on me until a long time after.

 I focus on keeping myself busy, when really I need to give myself  time to sit with how I feel.


Like I sat at the bottom of the stairs in pain.


Do you see now why I kind of had to fall down the stairs? On a morning when I was rushing to get to work and be busy again?


When I was rushing towards being distracted again.


When what I simply need is to feel.


Much love Txx

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