Reconnecting with Abundance


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So my power word for 2019 is  ‘Abundance’,  and this month I am reconnecting to it.

The day after I decided to reconnect with the word, it began coming to me in as many ways as it could – mostly by notifications on my phone when someone liked this post from months ago.

So I took the hint and decided to write about Reconnecting With Abundance.

Creating and being comfortable with abundance is a scary thing for many of us.

Though most of us feel as though we would love to be rich, or have enough money to retire early etc. in reality, having way more than we need (maybe for the first time ever) would be hard to get to grips with.

How much abundance we are comfortable with is very much linked to how much we value ourselves.

You see, abundance actually has very little to do with money, and much more to do with how we feel.

An abundant life is one filled with plenty of the things that make us happy – family, friends, good food, a home, time to rest, a job, money to pay our bills, the occasional holiday, or simply just a special meal sometimes.

Abundance is measured by how we view abundance.

An abundant life can begin right this very second by recognizing the abundance we already have.

It takes more than just recognizing it however, we need to learn to value it too.

If we don’t value our abundant lives, how will we see ways in which to make it more abundant?

Increasing your abundance requires a certain amount of discipline, for example:

Saving money = Abundance

Do you see how being truly abundant, abundant in ways that grow, actually asks a lot from us in terms of what we are willing to do?

The picture I chose for the top of this post is one of a harvest.

What comes before a harvest? – Hard work!

Increased Abundance is something that every single one of us can build, but it takes us being clear on how much we value ourselves, and our current lives.

Then from this place of gratitude for what we already have, we will be able to build upon it.

I have only just really begun to understand what abundance really means.

I hope this post helps you too also.

So much love Txx


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