A (Little) Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Libra – Justice

(Sharpham Estate, Devon)

So guess what?

Tomorrow sees the second Full Moon in the sign of Libra for two months in a row.

This is intense.

I visited the energy of this Full Moon in the following post, which links to a previous post all about Justice:


We are still under the same energy, and we are being asked to revisit issues from a slightly different viewpoint.

Where can you see Justice being served for yourself?

I recently went on a meditation retreat which I will be writing about shortly.

On the last day of retreat I went for a morning walk, and everything came together in my mind – things I had been ruminating on for weeks just clicked into place.

Divine justice – the kind that comes from deep within – was served.

Look out for these moments in the weeks to come.

Suddenly all may seem to fall into place.

Much love Txx

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