Taking Care Of Myself

The other day I did some batch cooking – I spent a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and made enough food to last through the next week.

I made one large batch of sweet potato, carrot and leek soup:


I made one large veggie mince and gluten free pasta bake with goat’s cheese:


I then thought ‘what the hell‘ and made a gluten free apple cake:


I spent some time tidying my house and writing, and by the end of the evening I settled down to watch Netflix, and I felt satisfied in a way that subsequently made me sad.

I’d eaten some of the food for my dinner that night, and it tasted delicious.

I surprised myself with how good it all tasted.

Thoughts of ‘why have I never done this for myself before?’ floated around my head.

I knew that it would make the upcoming week so much easier.

I have a very busy job and in the evenings I really struggle to make wholesome food for myself because I am so tired.

I realised I was spending too much money buying meals out and so with a bit of inspiration from a friend of a friend, I decided to do the batch cooking thing.

Looking after myself in this way made me emotional.

This year I have been on a journey of worthiness.

Really looking at what I feel that I deserve, in all areas.

Coming to the realisation that often, treating myself with a healthy dose of self-worth looks completely different than what I had always thought.

Yes for me it looks like getting my nails done, the odd massage and fun times with friends and family.

But the acts that really touch me are when I know that I am looking after myself.

Cooking healthy food, taking the time to rest and to clean, it makes such a difference to how I feel.

Since January I have been pulling a personal Tarot card for my week ahead.

The card I pulled for the week in which I cooked my Saturday away was The Empress:



(The Empress, Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle – image from https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/lisasterle/the-empress-modern-witch-tarot/)


The Empress is a lady who knows her worth.

She understands that taking care of one self’s earthly body is in line with our divine nature.

She spends time in nature.

She nurtures herself and others.

I feel more and more like The Empress each day.

Much love Txx

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