Navigating Joy

(The Boneyard, Cardiff)

So this is a tricky one to write.

It started to take form whilst I was enjoying a wonderful weekend with friends.

The kind of weekend where you realise how lucky you are to have certain people in your life.

But also the kind where you realise just how far you’ve come, just how much you’ve aligned with what is truly your destiny – and how scary that is.

I’ve spoken before on this blog about how much guilt I tend to feel in direct correlation to how much joy I am experiencing.

How do you go about enjoying a life that is rich in joy when you never thought it was possible?

My life has been no harder than anyone else’s.

The human experience is full of pain and strife, but also unbelievable levels of beauty and joy.

Who knew that I would increasingly find myself on the joy side of the spectrum?

There are many milestones in life that I have not experienced – the things people say you need to be happy.

I am unmarried, I have no children – yet in recent years I’ve become the happiest I’ve ever been.

Little did I know that existing in this space of joy would require some level of navigation.

It’s not necessarily comfortable here after spending most of my life hiding from joy.

So the next few posts will be reflecting on that.

Look out for them 🙂

Much love Txx

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