Living Your Dream

The last post I wrote was an introduction to navigating joy in our lives. You can have a look at it here.

It was inspired by many things, but what really triggered it was meeting Rhona, who owns Blasus Succulent Emporium in Cardiff.

On a lovely bank holiday weekend, some friends and I strolled around an area of Cardiff steeped in all things art.

We stumbled upon what can only be described as a green haven…

I’m not a massive fan of houseplants, but this place drew me in.

The whole space is simply radiant.

You could feel how aligned the energy was.

Everything just felt right.

There was no option – of course I was going to have to have something!

My friend bought me a plant, this plant, but what I really got was a taste of a dream.

(Pot made by geetlush, so cute!)

What makes this place so beautiful is that you can feel how much love Rhona is living, how much joy is seeped into every part of the space, every leaf of a plant.

This is what it means to navigate joy sucessfully.

Navigating joy does not mean everything will be perfect all the time, but what it does mean is that you will exist in a life that is ultimately joyous.

People will feel it when they are around you, and you won’t be sorry for that.

I’ll tell you a secret dear readers…sometimes I hesitate about publishing posts because they seem too gushy.

My own personal struggle with joy lies in not being ashamed of it.

I’m allowed to find happiness in the life I’m creating.

So there will be more posts looking into this further.

Thanks for reading!

Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Living Your Dream

  1. I just stumbled across this again this afternoon and it’s made me feel so many emotions. It feels like such a long time ago when this picture was taken and so many things have happened to me and my business since then, but you will be happy to here I still have my little plant shop and it still brings me so much pleasure and joy xx

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