Last Night’s Meditation/Dream: Stunningly Patient

So I truly don’t know if it was in dream or meditation where I encountered the words:

Stunningly patient.

Most mornings I spend 30 minutes in meditation upon waking.

I roll onto my back with a second alarm already set and observe my breath.

Most of the time I find that it helps to wake me up.

The morning I saw these words I am not sure if I was awake or asleep.

I suspect I was in the in-between.

I saw a doorway, something I’ll be talking about in my next ‘navigating joy’ post.

On the door was written:

Stunningly patient.

I would not describe myself as a particularly patient person, and I often find waiting for things frustrating.

But patience is key in manifestation and in life.

It’s easy to become disillusioned and to lose faith when the things you desire and deserve appear to elude you.

Were these words a reminder to be patient?

No, my intuition tells me they are actually reassurance that I am already being stunningly patient.

Where are you being stunningly patient in your own life?

Where are you not recognising the quiet faith and perseverance that you posses?

Much love Txx

Ps: I’m writing this at 4.16 am after being terrorised by a spider and having to move from my bedroom to the living room!

I like to think this is so I could write this for you.

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