A Little Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Scorpio – Real Transformation


20190514_121152.jpg(Photo of the moon, over Chorlton Green, Manchester – by me)


So the astrological sign of Scorpio is represented by the Major Arcana card of Death in the Tarot.

A card that scares many people, but is really about transformation – death and rebirth.

It talks about going into the deepest shadow parts of ourselves in order to change, to heal and to grow.

I have had an intense couple of months encountering these parts of myself. It’s felt  like coming across a dodgy looking character in an alleyway.

I went on retreat and faced parts of me that I had not let come up for air perhaps ever.

This Full Moon will be helping us really come into this energy. 

If you have been facing a hard time lately, you may be starting to see a way through this.

As the moon will illuminate the sky, your thoughts and feelings may also start to become clearer.

For me it feels as though I have been walking through a long tube tunnel, only to suddenly start to perceive that there is in fact a light at the end of it. 

The guidance for this time is to seek help.

There is no need to walk through these energies on your own.

It could be time for you to start seeing a counsellor/therapist, to confide in friends/family about your problems, to delegate more at work.

It is truly a beautiful time, and I think most of us can actually feel that emerging joy. 

Much love Txx

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