Psychic School: Still Got It

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So recently I went back to the College of Psychic Studies for a one day course.

I studied for a year with The College before I moved away from London, and finding them was like coming across a swimming pool in the desert.

I completed two terms of a course called “Intermediate Higher Consciousness” which was all about developing mediumship and psychic ability as well as strengthening connection with Spirit Guides.

It helped me to really understand how I work, boost my confidence in my ability, and taught me the importance of ethics, protection and grounding.

The other weekend I went along for a one day workshop called “The Psychic” – a whole day working on our psychic ability.

In these classes we spend a large amount of time time conducting readings for each other.

After my first go reading for another person, my teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said:

You’ve still got it!


I have struggled to find a suitable development circle* in the north of England where I now live.

*a development circle is a traditional way in which Psychics and Mediums hone our skills. We sit in circle, meditate to raise our vibration and then read for each other, sometimes as a collective, sometimes in pairs. We allow spirits, guides, elementals, and angelic energies to come through and aid us or relay messages.

 Though I continue to read for others more and more, I’ve been craving a circle where I could really flex my psychic muscles, so heading back to the College was just what I needed.

It felt good to realise that not only had I retained all that I learnt last year, but I also have improved my accuracy tenfold.

I read for a lady on the subject of her career and was spot on!

It still amazes me that without the aid of anything other than our own minds, that we can tap into the energy of another and provide clarity and guidance.

It makes me so happy, and it fulfils me so much.

I am so full of joy that I am able to use these skills on this blog to help guide all who read it.

Thank you for being here.

Much love Txx

4 thoughts on “Psychic School: Still Got It

  1. Hi have you tried S.N.U local church? I used to live in North of England so I remember there were quite a few.
    Hope you find one
    I’m in Wales now we have one ystralafera church on a Tuesday at 7pm
    So if your ever visiting Wales pop in and join us

    1. Thank you for this 🙂 Yes I have been to a local spiritualist church a couple times and hoping to go to a workshop there in a couple of weeks. I spend quite a lot of time in Cardiff – I’ll have a look if there are any there too! 🙂

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