You Ready T?


Some of you will know that I am clairaudient – this means that I hear some of the psychic messages I intuit.

Clairaudience is one of the psychic clairs that is often harder to work with than clairsentience (deep feeling/knowing), or clairvoyance (seeing).

Lately a lyric from Beyonce’s Bonnie and Clyde keeps popping into my head randomly (or not so randomly):

You ready B?

Some of the closest people in my life have called me T.

So lets swap out the B for that:

You ready T?

The first time my clairaudience presented itself to me was on a solo retreat.

As a birthday treat to myself a few years ago, I went and stayed in a cabin in the woods for two nights on my own to reconnect with myself.

During meditation I heard a voice urging me gently but undeniably to leave the job I was in. The voice external to me said:

It’s not for you.

The voice asking me if I’m ready – though this time using a well known Beyonce classic – is the same voice.

This voice is my higher self.

The part of me that already sees the things I’m longing to see, that understands things I’m yet to.

This voice is asking me if I’m ready, not necessarily to go on an adventure with Jay Z, but to enter a new phase in my life.

Yes I am!

Much love Txx

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