A Little Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Sagittarius: Alchemy

So this is a big one, and not just because it falls in my sun sign.

Sagittarius is all about expansion, and here in the middle of the year we are being asked to see what we have become.

Stuff has changed – irrevocably – and like the Angel in the above card of Temperance (the major arcana card associated with the sign of Sagittarius) we have made it so.

Sagittarians know how to make things happen, making what is often very difficult look easy.

In this way, just what have you been cooking up in your life?

What seeming opposites have you blended to make a wonderful whole?

Life is truly what you make it and this Full Moon is calling for us to be aware of our alchemical prowess.

The Angel stands with one foot on ground and the other in water, she is balanced and grounded though obviously of a higher realm.

Are you able to keep your heart and head in balance?

Are you able to ground your dreams in reality?

This Full Moon will help you get clear on what you want, and see the way forward to making it so.

I love the evergy of this Full Moon, I feel fueled and ready to go.

Temperance reminds us to view life lightly though, with a balanced restraint.

Making stuff happen doesn’t have to be hard.

Be like an Angel and alchemise from within.

Much love Txx

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