A Little Note About Eclipse Season – July 2019

* July 2019 is a month in which I plan to lay low and spend a lot of time reconnecting with myself, and grounding. I have some processing to do about a few things in my life and I need to do it through introspection and creativity. There may not be much activity on the blog for the month, or there may be loads more than usual. However I felt called to write “A Little Note about the New Moon/Full Moon” today for the whole of July. Enjoy!

We are entering, and are indeed already under the energy of eclipse season.

July 2nd sees a New Moon Solar eclipse in Cancer which will illuminate some of our most tender emotions.

Expect to cry and release like it’s a Full Moon.

Cancer rules our family, our emotions, our deepest ties and bonds, we will experience change in all of these areas during the next month.

July 16th sees a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This will assist us in bringing forth our shadow aspects for healing.

If you have been struggling, expect it to get a little worse before it gets easier, but it will get easier.

This eclipse season is set to move us forward and break our chains of bondage – get ready to be free.

Much love Txx

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