Kicking The Moon Out Of The Sky

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So on a night last week, I had the most peculiar sleep – or lack of sleep is perhaps a better definition.

Every once in a while, my body and mind conspire and force me to stay up at night, writing poetry or simply processing things in a half asleep state.

I woke up at about 3.30 and stayed awake until around 5.30. When my alarm buzzed at 7 I instantly remembered the dream I had been having.

My dreams have been vivid for as long as I can remember, and I have written about numerous ones on this blog before.

That night my dream was:

I was walking down a street with some people, that it felt like I knew, but I don’t recognize them from waking life.

We were told by several shady looking characters that something crazy was about to happen up in the sky.

We were totally skeptical until we looked up and saw an astronaut…kick the moon out of the sky!

Darkness slowly began to descend, and I woke up.

space research science astronaut

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Is it weird that rather than fear, I remember feeling a little bit of excitement when it started to get dark?

It was thrilling!

The dream was full of the anticipation and mystery of the unknown.

Right now we are in eclipse season where all things living in our shadows are about to be illuminated.

(See this post here for more)

I totally understand now why I had this dream.

Though this period of darkness, a whole new perspective on my life is going to be born.

How wonderful that my dream gave me a heads up!

Much love Txx

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