So I just fancied writing a little blog post documenting all the fun things I have been up to these last few weeks.

Summer is the perfect time to use the earth and its tangibility to really ground ourselves in the present moment.

It officially feels like Summer in the UK at last, since my job has entered into our summer period, and I am spending lots of time hosting visits from friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors.

Here are some pictures I thought you might like to see.


I love roses, the scent is one of my favorites, vibrating with the energy of unconditional love.


Flowers of all kinds and colors are great for raising our vibrational energy,  and getting in touch with our fragile and beautiful selves.



Trees and Tea!

Spending time with a creature bigger, older and wiser than us is a privilege. Being with the trees reminds me of how connected we are to the earth.

It is so easy to feel grounded when you are amongst them.



How can you bridge the gap between your heart and your head? Between your mind and your soul?

Every part of us works in harmony though we can occasionally feel so frazzled and separate.



Treat yourself often, in small and easy ways. Savor the taste of a treat.

You don’t need a lot to feel content.


This stone was given to me by a dear friend, it is a Seer stone, all about connecting with a higher power.


Days well spent.


Much love Txx

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