Messages From Music – Earth Angel


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Yesterday morning whilst in my office at work the following song popped into my head:



Also this version which I think is the original:



Is there a message in the song for you? 


The concept of an Earth Angel is defined well by the following article:


Do you resonate with this belief on any level? That there are those walking among us with a spiritual mission to help and assist?


Reading the article above I was struck by how similar the writer’s experience was to one I had myself a few years ago.


I was in the city of Newcastle to meet my friends for a hen party.

I got off the train at the main station, and then had to find my way to the other side of the city.

At one point I got completely lost and – no kidding – spotted a man dressed all in white with dark glasses on.

Not only did he point me in the right direction, but walked me there, only to turn back and walk the complete other way after seeing me safely inside.

I’ve always wondered about this encounter with this man, especially as he told me he worked in a university in London and after trying to find him on their website I could not.

He appeared at the complete right time, at the very beginning stages of my own spiritual awakening.

I intuitively felt that I had had an Angelic encounter and it always warms me when I think of this.

I believe he came to be in a way that just about stood out from the local surroundings, as well as fitting in slightly with what we believe Angels to look like, so that I would recognize the encounter for what it was.



So this song, and this memory came back to me yesterday morning along with all the other beliefs I hold dear about Earth Angels.

If you recognize yourself as a helper on this earth , perhaps you have a secret admirer or two, and certainly many who appreciate and love you.

Lots of love Txx

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