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Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com


So I am bursting with things I want to tell you, visions I’ve had in Meditation, the healing I have been experiencing, the utter shift in me that is nothing short of miraculous.

But I can’t.


I’ve hurt my hand and so I have got to rest it. Less typing, no card shuffling.

This injury came just after deciding I was going to start pulling more Tarot and Oracle guidance for you on the blog – don’t worry I will be, but first I need to rest up.

I need to receive my healing,  so that I can better assist you – that is exactly why my hand injury is here.

So this is just a little one to tell you that wonderful amazing things are happening for you and for me.

We are healing, and though it may look rough, the end will be extraordinary.

Love and light to you.

Toni-Ann xxx


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