A Note About Today’s New Moon In Virgo – Illuminating Within

photography of night sky

Photo by Juan on Pexels.com


Something may have come up in the last few days that has caused you to withdraw and think.

Many things may have come up that need a heavy dose of reflection.

This New Moon, is the perfect time to go within, and feel out how recent developments have made you feel.

In the darkness of our current sky, we can find illumination inside ourselves, that will help us to move forward in what is actually a very practical energy.

You may be getting more organised when it comes to your financial security.

You may be planning for a big move or change.

You may simply just want to spend some time doing laundry and cleaning your house.

This energy favors the mundane as well as the deep. 

Think of it as a spring clean for the soul.

Thank God it coincides with the weekend!

Much love and have a good one Txx

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