A Note About Today’s Full Moon In Pisces – Overwhelm

You may be feeling overwhelmed.

The energies of this Full Moon are incredibly intense, and your emotions will be in focus.

You may be crying a lot.

Your relation to water will suddenly become very important. 

You may find yourself craving extra showers or extra baths, or needing more fluids to get through the day.

Your body is shifting old things in preparation for 2020.

Yes, the end of the year is in sight and with that the end of cycles, and the beginnings of the new.

Take it easy on yourself over the next couple of weeks.

As we shift seasons, get early nights as the evenings get darker, or spend more time outside if the evenings are getting lighter.

Connect with the nature surrounding you in the best way you can.

Get in sync with your environment in terms of eating seasonal foods.

Try and stay grounded even if your emotions are running wild.

The good thing about overwhelm is that it will force us to release, try your best to allow this to happen gently by working with it and not against it.

Much love Txx

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