When Things Get Uncomfortable





(New hair, new me!)


Lately things have been getting uncomfortable.

The pressure to become more fully me, has been matched by the pressure to stop.

As I continue to change and grow in authenticity, the ground beneath my feet appears to shift.

When I say ground, I mean the very foundations of my life.

I am most certainly going somewhere I’ve never been before, and I can’t take everyone and everything from my past with me.

The honesty it takes to admit that feels like something akin to pain – growing pains.

When I was a young girl I grew at an alarming rate. I was pushing 6 feet at the age of 12, and experienced many health problems because of that.

I was uncomfortable in my body.

But guess what? I grew into my body, and I’m growing into my spirit.

You see, it is exactly when things become uncomfortable that you experience a breakthrough.

Life is never going to be the same for me as it used to be, and that is the most amazing thing.

I look back now at harvest time, and realise just what a different person I have become in 2019.

My reactions to familiar situations are different, and my view on life much more integrated.

Intuitively I know I have ‘finished’ a phase of my life and though uncomfortable, I am excited to see what (and who) the next phase will bring.


Much love Txx


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