Being Seen




My sister came round to my house the other day and spotted my first collection of (unpublished) poetry lying on a bookshelf.

She started to read it out loud and I panicked!


I shrieked!

I felt so exposed!

Writing poetry and having it read by others is one of the things that makes me feel raw and vulnerable, as does writing this blog.

Standing out in a crowd also makes me feel peeled. 

I hate people looking at me, even if it is with admiration.

I am so uncomfortable with attention!

So in order to help conquer that fear, I am using this post to show you my new haircut.

I had my hair cut in an effort to see myself.

I only really had a shape and trim, but wearing it in its most curly state gives it a really cute short look that I love.

I now get to see all the change I have manifested in my life each time  I look in the mirror.

I needed to lose the dead ends in order to feel truly vibrant.

It also now hits me, how much more of my face you can see when my hair is like this.

I am finally seen!

Much love Txx

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