A Group Of Women

I have a poem somewhere called ‘A Group Of Women’ or something like that.

I can’t remember where the poem is, because sometimes they come to me like that, fully formed and transient things not meant to be recorded.

As I was falling asleep the other night a vision of a ladder popped into my head.

The poem also returned to me in its most true form.

The essence.

We’ve all heard of the career ladder but what about the spiritual ladder?

I found myself thinking how beautiful it is when women can reach down and help another woman up – when it comes to ascension I mean.

The evolution of our souls.

Much love Txx

Ps…after writing the post, I searched through my Google docs and found the poem…enjoy:

A Group of Women

At night, I visit

the warehouse with the secret

ladder. Up and up.

A group of women

In my dreams – show me the way

By day though, I’m lost.

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