A Little Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Aries: Anticipation And Wonder


man and woman holding up a moon like illuminated spherical ball outdoor at night

Photo by Wicliff Thadeu on Pexels.com


As the moon moves towards fullness this week, I feel such an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.

For the first time in a long time, I can actually feel the rightness of everything and everyone around me.

Even the challenging situations, feel integrated, the shadow to the light, bringing a wholeness to my every day life, physically and somehow karmically.

This is the special quality that Libra season brings, (having started from September 23rd and ending on October 23rd). Libra is all about that balance.

So now we have the Full Moon in Aries and it brings with it the energy of beginning again.

Second chances abound; to make something happen, to put something to rest, to let go, to hold on.

This time feels so powerfully tinged with excitement – the kind where you know that you have turned a corner and such good things await.

If this somehow feels the opposite to you, if you are struggling in the dark and can’t see the light yet, know that it is there even if you cannot perceive it.

Sometimes a long tunnel will present itself, and your job will be to navigate with the torch that is your soul. 

Thinking of you all this Moon-Time.

Much love Txx

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