The Power In “I Don’t Know”


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At the weekend I realized that I was getting comfortable with not knowing things.

 Something I have struggled with my whole life is uncertainty.

Many of us struggle with this.

 We find little ways to control the uncontrollable in order to lessen the anxiety surrounding simply not knowing what is going to happen.

Recently I have begun to sit with that uncertainty and it has been liberating.

To admit not knowing something is actually a strength.

It means you are committing to showing up with the faith that whatever happens you will be able to cope.

Having control over the way you show up to life, is really the only control any of us have.

This is a very sobering, sometimes terrifying thought.

But in that there is freedom.

Freedom to redirect your energy onto the things you can control, the little things; like what you want to have for dinner for instance, how you want to spend your weekend.

Also the big things, like how you want to respond to life’s challenges.

This has not been an easy lesson for me to learn, it is not for any of us.

Often when enough uncontrollable things have happened to you, you may hit rock bottom and surrender.

Only by accepting that life will throw you curve-balls, will you get better at dealing with them.

Much love Txx

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