Needing A Break

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So all week I have been feeling the need to put out a message for those who read the blog.

I have sat down numerous times to pull a “Three Cards For The Week Ahead” post, and every-time I try my energy has not been up to scratch.

Yet I intuitively felt like I had something to say.

Then I realized that this feeling is the message.

Astrologically we are in quite an intense time, spiritually speaking this time of the year is when we are most in touch with our shadow sides and with the other realms.

It can physically be a disorientating time when we switch seasons.

So occasionally it is best to simply take a time-out.

This is what I want to say today.

Now is a great time for a break. 

That may be a holiday, it may be a little extra time in bed. It may be having a weekend of pure fun.

It may be as simple as enjoying a good book with a cup of tea.

It could well be taking a reprieve from giving yourself a hard time – we all do that far too much.

In a couple of days I will be back with a little note about the upcoming New Moon.

Love you lots and enjoy a restful weekend.

Much love Txx

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