Three Cards For The Week Ahead – Part Of The Process


(Three of Pentacles-Reversed, Four of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles-Reversed: Rider Waite Smith Tarot.)


For the last week (ish)  I have been noticing something I never have before.

The trees have lost about 50% of their leaves transitioning between Autumn and Winter.

I feel like I always used to notice when the leaves started to change color, or when the leaves had completely left the trees barren.

This year, I have noticed the in-between. 

It makes for quite a striking landscape – vivid yellows, oranges and reds holding on.

The message for this week is being brought to us by the trees and the cards:

Holding on to what much leave us is natural. 

No-one wants to fell barren and vulnerable.

But as we can see from the man in the Four Of Pentacles above, holding on can leave us feeling more alone than anything else.

We are being asked this week to understand that by letting go of something or someone, we will not be alone, we will not be without support.

On the contrary we are being asked to be open to support from others at this time, now is not about going it alone. 

We have entered Mercury retrograde (I am not an astrologer so don’t dare to explain it here! Please research for more in-depth information)  which may well be raking up a lot of things from the past for you to look at one last time before releasing for good.

This may not be in the form of a person or a situation, it may be about emotions that have been buried for a long long time.

Inevitably though, once you start releasing pent up emotions and breaking patterns, you will begin to respond to those around you differently. 

So be extra gentle with yourself this week.

Understand that just like the trees, your natural instinct to hold on is part of the process.

Much love Txx


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