When The Bubble Bursts


blue bubble calamity clean

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com


Eureaka! Found me at my desk on Tuesday morning.

After a lot of work healing some deep wounds, I understood something so clearly as if a bubble had burst.

Suddenly I felt lighter and more whole.

Is this what integration looks like?

When we spend a lot of time ‘doing the work’ it is sometimes difficult to fully grasp that the next step is to actually integrate what we have learnt.

It is one thing to sit with our feelings and to understand them, to not run from them, to hold that space of compassion –  it is entirely another to make the necessary changes to live from what we have learnt.

Many of us are aware of the things that challenge us in life. Some of us spend time trying to work these out, fewer still move on to live differently.


The path gets narrower the more aligned you become, and those that can join you there become fewer.

It’s not as bad as it sounds honest!

My next post will be about spiritual isolation- and why it is necessary.

Much love Txx

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