35 Things I’m Grateful For…

(Hugging a box at my little birthday dinner😂😂)


So I recently turned 35 and entered a space of overwhelming gratitude.

I’ve been unwell for many weeks so have had plenty of time to process my life up until this point – the changes, the highs, the lows…the countless things I am grateful for.

*I’ve been slowly writing this post for ages!

So here we go, 35 things I am grateful for:

1) My wonderful friends and family. The people in my life who have been there for decades, and the amazing new people I continue to meet. My life is forever changed and grows more fruitful with you in it.

2) My Mum and my family home. I return to you whenever I need to feel grounded and safe. You are my stability and where my heart was formed.

3) My Dad (in spirit) who is here for me every day. Who I’m learning to forgive and build a relationship with across the spirit realm.

4) The people who may no longer be in my life, but who had a hand in shaping me and brought joyful times.

5) Those that love me, simply for being me.

6) The College of Psychic Studies – a sanctuary I found when I needed it the most.

7) My career. I’ve been an Academic Librarian for about 10 years now, and I’m so grateful for the bills it allows me to pay and the variety my role encompasses.

8) Our new family cat called Luna who brings a sense of sweetness to our lives.

9) Time and space to rest while ill. Though its really hard for me to stop when I’m ill, I’m learning that it’s ok, and to feel less guilty for not being able to make it to work or see people.

10) The two circles of supportive people I am part of, one where I live, and the other online all the way from Australia!

11) Walks in nature.

12) The simple joy of a new crystal.

13) Tarot and Oracle cards – tools that make connecting with spirit so much fun!

14) My connection to Spirit🙏

15) Love in all the many ways it shows up in my life.

16) The National Health Service here in the UK. Its not perfect, but thank God it exists.

17) Coming into a greater understanding of who I am. This past year has not been easy – but I know more than ever exactly who I am.

18) Food! I’m blessed to have food to eat that is nutritious and tasty.

19) A home that is warm and safe.

20) The ability to go on retreat and connect fully with a meditation practice.

21) Wonderful, glorious memories of people and places.

22) This blog and all who read it 💕

23) Children. My nieces lift my spirits whenever I see or think about them.

24) ‘Me-Time’ in the form of trips to the beauty salon for getting my nails done and massages! (I go to a vegan salon in Manchester)

25) Did I mention my mum? I’m obsessed with her! We speak pretty much every day and I’m grateful for those phone chats.

26) My freedom. To be able to move freely, to choose where I want to live and with whom.

27) The confidence to choose what I want out of life, rather than what is expected of me.

28) My emotional strength and resiliency. Sometimes I tire of being ‘the strong one’, but most of the time I’m grateful I can rely on myself.

29) My body and its ability to heal and communicate with me.

30) My therapist who I’ve been working with for some months now on healing those deep seated issues we all have.

31) All the places I’ve studied and lived in across the UK. It takes guts to start somewhere new, but the rewards are plentiful. It teaches you so much about yourself and brings in so many wonderful new people.

32) The numerous places I’ve worked. Working, much like studying, is for me a privilege – each team I’ve been a part of has shaped me as much as friends and family.

33) Netflix – yes really!

34) Humanity. That spirit in all of us that is loving and kind and just, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.

35) The planet, our home. Its beautiful, and I think we are all learning to appreciate it more and more each day.


Thank you for reading my ramblings!


I could go on and on, but since I’m ‘only’ 35 years old, I’ll stop here for now.


Much love Txx