Three Cards For The Full Moon In Gemini: Resolving Conflict.

I recently bought these new cards, and thought I would try something a little different for the last Full Moon post of the year.

This Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini. An astrological sign that is represented by the Major Arcana card of The Lovers in Tarot.

So here I am using love based cards to bring forth a message to take us into the holiday season. Enjoy!


(Soulmates, Resolving Conflict and Intimacy, “True Love Reading Cards” by Belinda Grace, illustrated by Lori Banks)


The message was so clear.

The energy of this Full Moon is all about resolving conflict and forgiveness.

We are being urged to close out this year with a closing out of cycles of conflict.

Have you fallen out with people this year? Are there things left unsaid that you wish you could say?

This is the time to say it.

Holiday time is always when we reconnect with those closest to us, and this Full Moon will be helping us with what may feel hard to do.

This is also a time of year where we may be reunited with those we wish we did not have to see – a healthy dose of understanding can foster greater intimacy.

The Soulmates card and the intimacy card, tell us that primarily this message is about resolving conflict with those we love, be it friends, family, or romantic connections.

However this is also about resolving conflict within ourselves. Before we can truly start to fix things with others we have to look within ourselves, face our shadows, be honest with how we messed up.

Taking the time to face ourselves through journaling, meditation, or talking to a trusted person will be invaluable at this time.

When you are ready, it is never to late to make amends with another, the energy of this Full Moon can help you get there.

Much love Txx

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