Last Night’s Dream: I’m Healing


backlit blur close up dawn

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A couple of nights ago I had a dream that someone I care about texted me.

The text read: 

“I’m at the hospital.”

After forgetting all about it for most of the day, I finally looked up the meaning last night on Aunty Flo’s Dream Dictionary  and felt so silly – it’s so obvious!

The person in question is on a healing journey, and they told me so in my dream.

Hospitals are a place we go to recuperate and get well.

We need peace and quiet whilst in the hospital, though love and well wishes are greatly appreciated as long as its understood that not much can be given back.

This is the situation I find myself in with this person at this time. 

Holding (dream) space.


Is there anyone in your life that needs you to hold that space for them? Is anyone in the physical or spiritual hospital and the only thing you can really do, and need to do, is  send them loving vibes?

Go ahead and send them some loving thoughts – right now. It helps. 

Also, we know that our Earth is in a state of turmoil at the moment, send some love to the planet too. 



Much love Txx 



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