A Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Leo – Don’t/Do Hold Back


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Photo by Joonas kääriäinen on Pexels.com


So this Full Moon in Leo is an interesting one.

The way each one of us is going to feel the energy is going to differ in quite a stark way.

Since this year began, you may have noticed an obvious widening of the gap between where you are energetically, vs where others are at.

There is a real polarization at the moment.

For example, you may be feeling the most content and happy you have ever felt, and others may be really struggling, the lowest they have ever been.

This Full Moon highlights this dichotomy.

Depending on how you have been in your life up until now, you are either being asked to pull back or step forward.

If you are the kind of person that always gives, it may be time to learn how to receive.

If you are someone who tends to sit back, maybe it is now the time to take action, or at least lean in a little more.

Nothing is going to go the way you are used to things going, and you are either going to be aware of this and welcome the change, or you are going to fight it every step of the way.

If you are fighting, this Moon will make you tired. Exhausted even.

So this is a time to go with the flow.

This will feel harder than ever for a while, as you are literally going to be flowing in the complete opposite direction to where you have before.

You may also find yourself going one way, while everyone else in your life is going another.

This is a major moment.

It really is setting us up for the year ahead and setting us on the correct path for ourselves.

It will feel jarring at times.

Whatever feels out of your control at the moment, are you being asked to do something about it? Are you being asked to do nothing? Really listen to your inner voice, listen to your body and how it reacts to actions you are/are not contemplating.

This is a time to go within and really feel  your next steps forward,  your next steps back, or no steps at all.

Much love Txx.

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