What Does It Mean To Be Truly Happy?


I found myself sitting at work the other day, marveling at the fact that I feel a happiness I don’t think I have ever experienced before.

I imagine it is the kind of happiness that a child feels enjoying each moment fully.

But instead of a sensation of being present, it felt like an acceptance of all that my life encompasses; the past, the present and the future –

Perhaps this is truly how it feels to be present?

To feel completely situated in your life.

It got me thinking, what had made this feeling possible? This feeling that was actually more than a feeling, this reality?

There are many tangible things I can credit to this level of quiet joy: time and space to be creative, career stability, community that I align with, lack of strife and adversity, healing and attunement.

Are these really the things that it takes to be happy?

It feels so simple, and maybe that is the key.

We live in a time, in western society especially, when having more is what we think we need in order to be happy.

We think we need more money, more clothes, more entertainment, more holidays, more property, more cars…

In the search for these things, we lose out on the simple things that actually can contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing: having a roof over our heads, our health, family, true friends.

We often think the answer lies in having that one special person to love and be loved by, missing out on the many we have that love us, the many that we love. Placing unfair demands on one person to meet all of our needs and wants, needs and wants we may not have even begun to meet for ourselves.

We often feel unsatisfied when things don’t go our way, certain that we know best, when tapping into our intuition is something we have neglected to do.

Can happiness really be found by journeying inwards? By working on ourselves, aligning with those that love us and building a stable but simple foundation?

Yep – I believe so.

Much love Txx

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