A Little Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon In Pisces: Diving Deep


aerial view of beach

Photo by LEONARDO VAZQUEZ on Pexels.com


Yourself, and those around you, may be navigating some pretty deep waters at this time.

Emotions from the past may be lurking in the present, as well as your everyday dramas.

This is not a time to rush.

It is a time to pull back, reflect and feel.

Can you build some time into your life over the next few days to sit quietly?

Let whatever wants to rise up in you rise, then do your best to let it go.

Staying hydrated at this time will help; drink lots of water, teas and broths, any thing gentle on your system.

This is also a time where you may find yourself feeling dreamy and romantic – enjoy that.

You can access the part of you right now that is intuitive and wise, almost without even having to try – in fact not trying is what will get you there.

This may sound cryptic to you and if it does, well done! You understand this energy perfectly!

We are in a moon-time of darkness –  rest in preparation for the light.

Much love Txx.

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