A Note About Next Monday’s Full Moon In Virgo – Slowing Down


full moon illustration

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com


I woke up on Sunday 1st of March in a very antagonistic mood.

It was no wonder when shortly after breakfast I spilled a cup of coffee all over my bedside table.

The coffee dripped off the table onto the floor causing a murky puddle.

Once on my hands and knees cleaning it up, I noticed that by some act of physics this one very average sized cup of coffee had produced a mini swimming pool under my bed.

I cursed the Universe (I really did!) and spent 10 minutes or so trying to reach under my bed with a mop.

Once done I flopped back into bed really considering not leaving it for the rest of the day.

I tell you all of this, my readers, because this is a prime example of how the Universe will get you to slow down even if you try your best to ignore the call.

I work full time; 9-5, 5 days a week. About once a month I work an extra half-day on a Saturday morning and it completely throws off my weekend. This was one such weekend.

I am writing this post, the Monday after the Sunday before and I am exhausted. My limbs hurt, I have a couple of mouth ulcers from eating food and drinks too hot, because lately it feels as though I am always in a rush.

This is nothing new to many of you I am sure, this feeling of just being maxed out on life.

However, I know that this year has got to be different for me ( and us), and I feel that vow in the energy of this Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Virgo is urging us to sit down, slow down, lie down and contemplate. 

It is hard to really think things through to a logical conclusion when you are trying to do all of that thinking around and in between your regular tasks and responsibilities.

Though this will also be a time ripe with emotion where you may be all up in your feels, mostly, this is a time to think.

I have about 5 things I am currently trying to think through whilst living my regular life.

In the coming days I will be going to bed earlier in order to think, waking up earlier in order to think, and spending more time in silence.

Join me?

Much love Txx


ps…I accidentally published this post a week early so I edited the title and left it up – I guess a few of us need it now!

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