A Message For You

We are in a pivotal time right now in our planet’s history.

There have been such times before and there will be again, but the knowledge of that does not make this any less unsettling.

So today I felt it wise to bring us all a message through from the Angelic realm, from those beings/energies that can see from a higher vantage point. Who are around us, loving us even if we don’t see or believe it.

I decided to use the Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue to help bring through this message. As I meditated beforehand I pictured this very card which popped out during shuffling:

Archangel Michael reassures us:

I am protecting you against lower energies, and guarding you, your loved ones, and home

We are being comforted that though present circumstances are affecting us in a multitude of ways and yes in the most serious and deadly of ways for some – we are protected and safe.

This does not mean we will escape hardship, but it does mean that whatever happens we will have the Angels by our side during every moment providing whatever emotional support we may need.

Archangel Michael also encourages us to think about the ways we can keep ourselves and those around us safe at this time.

Wash your hands – it really is important.

Look after the vulnerable with supplies but also by keeping your physical distance to protect them.

Love one another – current conditions have the potential to bring us closer as a community.

Use this time of growing social isolation to go within.

Connect to loved ones by phone or writing.


Eat as well as you can.

Stay hydrated.


The Angels are here to pour your hearts and fears out to, just close your eyes and let loose.

Much love and hugs Txx

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