Staying At Home


 (This beautiful, expression of gratitude was  chalked onto the ground outside a primary school near my home. )

Many of you will have seen the posts on Facebook of medical professionals urging us to stay home during this time.

Society is now functioning in a way designed to keep us safe and the advice to stay home is a massive part of this.

At the end of last year I was off work for 2 months due to illness.

Back in 2013 I had 6 months off with Glandular Fever.

Both of those times were largely spent indoors. A large chunk of the time in bed.

Now it feels like those experiences helped prepare me for what we are all facing now, and I want to help you cope.

I thought I would share some tips with you for making the most of this time staying home, as well as ways to simply make it more bearable:

Reflect – As mentioned in last week’s blog. Now is the perfect time to go within. When we feel frustrated or bored we can journal these feelings and discover new parts of ourselves

Rest – we all need much more rest than we think. Rushing through our regular lives leaves little room for that. Make the most of opportunities for naps and lie-ins.

Read – I’ve got soooooo many books to read!

Cook from scratch – Its time to reconnect with the basic task of cooking for ourselves. It’s an incredibly grounding act of love and nurture to prepare even a simple meal. Be mindful of waste and share food with those around you.

Keep in touch – pick up the phone or pen and paper and keep in touch with all those dear to you. Now is the time to band together and support each other.

Help – in any way you can. A caring text, shopping for someone, checking in with those who live alone, with those caring for the sick, or those suffering with illness. We all need each other.

Ask for help – don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Sometimes asking for support or accepting support is the hardest thing. Surrender to your vulnerability and trust that others will catch you.


The hardest of times have the capacity to create not just true and lasting positive change, but pure magic.

We will see the challenging but also the best that humanity has to offer over this next while. Remember that there is a future and maintain your equilibrium in the present.

Also spare a thought for those where home is not a safe space either physically, emotionally or mentally – send them love and prayers. 

Remember too those key workers who continue to support the vulnerable and provide us with necessities – send them love and prayers.

Much love, I’ll be back with more posts soon –  now I have more time to write!



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