A Little Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon In Aries: The Grace Period.


This New Moon crept up on me, stealthily, a little like the current health crisis.

So much is changing and a forced slow down is taking some time to be at peace with.

A New astrological year is beginning and seasons have changed, here in the UK Spring has arrived with the most glorious sun.

So it is, life begins again. The planet continues. The earth renews.

This New Moon gifts us with a grace period; a time to get used to the changes we are all being asked to adapt to.

It is also a time in which we will see tighter grips on our lives by the various governments who head up our countries.

Aries, in the tarot is symbolised by The Emperor card, a card of great authority.

Yes it speaks of being told what to do, often by a strong and immovable force, but is also speaks to the need to re-parent ourselves at this time.

We will need to treat ourselves as we treat our children, enforcing boundaries and schedules and routines to make sure we get through this period as safely as possible for all.

This New Moon comes with a gift.

The gift of a dark sky, and a dark period that we can use to birth the new.

For those that are ready, this will also be a time to go deep deep within.

Some have been working on their deep seated patterns for many years now, and this New Moon will allow you to see some significant breakthroughs.

Much love Txx

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