Doing The Work Of Others

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So I am about to get really deep with you now, my readers.

Deeper than maybe some of you will be able to understand, but I hope this will resonate, as what I am about to talk about is Universal.

All my life I have been doing the spiritual and emotional work of others.

I was born with the purpose and ability to be there for others. To ground others and just by existing in the lives of others I have assisted in their growth.

We all do this to some extent.

When I went through a spiritual re-awakening in 2015 I began a process of pulling away from all those I had helped. It was time for them to help themselves, and for me to find others who would assist me in my growth.

The tables turned, creating chaos for a while as people questioned who I was re-becoming.

What I have been doing for the last 5 years is what all of us are being called to do now.

Shadow work, healing the parts of ourselves that are toxic, unhealthy, undesirable is the only thing with the power to make us whole.

There is no light without darkness and during this time on earth of devastation, we will find healing.

Are you ready to go deeper than you ever have before?

To look at your life with fresh eyes?

To have all your distractions stripped away, leaving you no choice but to focus on all you have been hiding from?

Last night I felt the weight of the world, and I cried tears of relief.

Because now we are all doing the work.

For now, there is no other.

Much love always Txx

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