Where We Find Ourselves


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I was talking to one of my sisters yesterday about where we physically find ourselves at this time.

What are we doing?

Who are we with?

Who are we not with?

Here in the UK we are officially on lock-down, and are realising the importance of who we are on lock-down with.

I thought, blimey –

If this had happened just two years ago my situation would have been very different:

I was working in Central London and living in the family home with my Mum, and Gran, and one of my sisters. 

The private University I worked for was already under financial strain and I was on a temporary contract – this University even before the current crisis was on the verge of collapse. I would have for sure lost my job almost straight away. 

Working in Central London meant I spent upwards of 3 hours a day on the tube and buses. I would have been in such a dangerous if not certain position of transmitting the virus to my Gran and Mum, two ladies aged 75 and 93 with underlying health conditions. 

As it stands I live in the North of England now, and have contributed to keeping them safe.

I am so grateful for that.

Are you able to look at your circumstances now and find the blessing in where you find yourself?

Alternatively, you may find yourself in actually a very uncomfortable physical environment.

In what ways can you plan to change that at the earliest opportunity?

In what ways can you find support to help you through what you may be facing?

For many in this scenario, it will be quiet challenge. You will just begin to see the cracks in where you are.

The tiny doubts you may have had about your situation will start to become larger.

Is where you stand right for you?

One thing this current crisis will do for certain is change us on individual and collective levels.

In the Tarot there are many cards that people fear, The Devil and Death possibly being the top two.

For the Tarot readers out there, we know there is one more very difficult card, The Tower:


(The Tower, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)


The Tower shows up for us when we have been resisting making the changes that we know we need to make.

Right now, the world is in the energy of The Tower.

Great news! The Tower can be rebuilt.

The reason it tumbles in the first place is because the foundations were shaky.

Once the Tower has fallen we can build a much better one.


In whatever way this energy touches your life right now, spend some time working out how you can rebuild.

Much love Txx

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