Listen To Yourself

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When I was on retreat at New Year, I recognised for the first time my ability to listen to myself.

I mean really listen to what I need in each moment.

Do I need to take a walk? Do I need to sit and reflect in a bath?

Do I need to have some fruit, a biscuit?

Do I need to lie down.

Do I need to talk to someone?

Do I need to meditate or pray?

Do I need to stretch.

Do I need to sit in a room and stare out of the window.

Do I need to sketch?

On retreat, time becomes both long and short.

The days seem to fly by, whilst you somehow feel every single moment.

Right now time feels similar.

So I invite you today to listen to what you want throughout the day.

Try not to operate in auto-pilot.

Feel into what you are needing, and don’t judge yourself for it.

Be kind to yourself when what you crave is something unhealthy.

Soothe yourself when you feel sadness, anger and what you need is to rage or cry.

Today, let’s listen.

Much love Txx

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