It’s OK, I’m Just Being Vulnerable

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Every time I write a post that is particularly open, or personal, there will be at least one person from my ‘real’ life (Hi Sam) who enquires about whether or not I am OK.

I am grateful for this, please continue. 

The surprising answer however is that I am always OK.

I may be sad, angry, hurt, panicking, crying, laughing, or a blend of these things – but I am OK.

I accept that all of these emotions are totally fine to experience.

This blog is my safe space for my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings.

When I am really in a bad place, or having an incredibly tough time I am not able to write.

So if I am ill or in the pits of despair you will not find me here – I will be in bed thank you very much.

(And will probably write about it at a later date.)

As long as I am here sharing with you all, I’m OK – I am just being vulnerable. 

I choose to share my vulnerability with you because I know a secret:


In vulnerability lies true power.


 Yes I said it.


I am not sure when I worked this out, but it has been reinforced many times in my life.

Having the courage to accept all of your feelings and to share these feelings, is incredibly liberating.

I’m that girl who tells a man I love him, and deals with the consequences after! Ha! 

Because I know that the peace I receive from showing my cards strengthens me in a way that is hard to articulate.

We all struggle.

If we can talk about the struggle we will realise that we are all in it together.

The ‘rona is teaching us this very thing now.

Much love Txx

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