Don’t Forget To Smile :)



smiling girl with curly brown hair

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I am noticing something sad when I leave my house for a walk or essential supplies.

We are scared to look at each other. 

We remember to maintain 2 metres distance, but we have forgotten to look each other in the eye and smile.

It’s still safe to smile.

It’s still safe to acknowledge one another.

I know everyone is in a difficult place right now, we have a lot going on inside of ourselves, but don’t forget to smile.

A smile can bridge that 2 metre distance.

Much love Txx


2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Smile :)

  1. It’s odd really. I have noticed more people smiling. But it is a tight, anxious smile, not a full and bright smile. I guess it’s good to have compassion for those that do not feel like smiling right now. Everyone deals with distress in different ways.

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