The Hardest Things

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This thing, this social distancing, is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and collectively it is hard for all of us.

It got me thinking of the other really hard things I have had to do, and I’d like to share them with you.

This may be a tearjerker – get the tissues!

Burying my dad

This was probably the number one hardest thing.

Harder than him actually dying was the laying him to rest.

It was also hard to leave him in the hospital the night he died.

I felt like I was abandoning him.

Ooh. The memory of that still knocks the wind out of me – but I survived.

Saying goodbye to an ex-boyfriend

 I’d always felt like I would marry one of my exes.

By the time he was ready, I had mentally moved on, and found myself having to reject him.

Breaking his heart still breaks mine.


It’s weird isn’t it?

Thinking about some of the truly hard circumstances that you have had to deal with, move on from, continue your life after.

Knowing that I have gotten through other hard times reminds me that I can get through this. (So can you)


Much love Txx

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