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The day I am writing this is very changeable in terms of the weather.

I sit in my living room, at my desk, working from home.

Sometimes the wind actually howls, creating sound in the walls around me.

Sometimes the Sun shines bright, and clear, bringing with it blue sky.

At other times grey fills every corner of the window I look out of, rain messing up the view.

My mood is just as changeable.

It all began when during my morning yoga practice, I lay in Savasana, only to spot a spider on the ceiling of my bedroom.

(I am terrified of spiders)

I decided this spider could live with me in my room as long as it did not move, but it cast a downer on my day right from the very beginning.

Actually I woke up a little down.

My nights at the moment seem to be filled with dreams of social gatherings (still) and talks of Covid-19 – literally it’s as if the news is on in my head at night, and I have been very careful about not watching much news at all!

So I woke up tired and dragged myself through my usual routine, because I know how important routine is in trying times.

(I will write about my routine next!)

I had a yummy breakfast (gluten free fishfinger sandwich) and started to work.

For a while it went ok, but then I began to feel annoyed.

I wanted to be meditating, or pulling cards, reflecting on all the things that have been coming up for me in these quiet days, but I am still working 9-5, 5 days a week, (which I am endlessly grateful for) and so I don’t have time until the evenings or weekends.

I guess I was not prepared for a day being full of the normal mundane frustrations of work.

I made lunch. (Omelette stuffed with mashed potato, both sweet and plain, mashed peas and mashed carrots.)

Back at my desk before making a phonecall to a colleague, I reflected on how changeable my mood was.

I wondered if I should ask the friend that I live with to remove the spider.

I wonder if my mood was better would it even matter?

Much love Txx

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