A (Very) Little Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Libra – Uncomfortable


view of the full moon over the trees in the open field

Photo by Connor Danylenko on Pexels.com


Libra is a sign all about connection and balance.

At this time, when the moon is full, you may find yourself questioning connections you have made, and coming to conclusions about who you would like to keep in your life after all of this turmoil is over.

Similarly there will be habits and circumstances that have brought disharmony to your life for many years, decades even –  over the next few weeks these will become increasingly clear. Maybe uncomfortably clear.

Your greatest good is coming into being but it may not feel pleasant.

If you work with this energy you will be able to release a lot of pent up frustrations and emotions.

Ways in which you can do this?

Take a bath or a long shower at some point over the next few days, as you feel the water on your body, take the time to feel whatever emotions rise up.

Sit with them.

As the water drains away, tell yourself that you are letting go of all that you no longer need. 

You will feel unsettled over these next few days, just know this is normal, and will lead to greater balance in your life going forward.

Take it easy on yourself at this time, be kind to you.

Much love Txx

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