Knowing My Worth





Years and years ago, when I was in a bad relationship, a work colleague said something that always stuck with me.

She said:

“Know your worth”

At the time that statement was slightly triggering.

Who was I to refer to myself in words like ‘worth’ or ‘value?’

I had taken myself for granted. 

 Now, during Lockdown I truly realise – 

I’m worthy simply for being.

Not for what I can give.


Much love Txx 


2 thoughts on “Knowing My Worth

  1. Self worth is a concept that I have recently been introduced to and beginning to recognise in myself.
    Having self worth allows you to set your boundaries and to stand up for yourself which are important in all relationships. Lockdown is an opportunity to focus on one’s self to find and value who we truly are without distractractions from outside.

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