The Power.

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Sometimes I forget how powerful Mediumship is to witness.

One night last week I found myself watching a live demonstration of Trance Mediumship by Minister Judith Seaman via the SNU You Tube channel.

It was just as powerful as watching Trance Mediumship in person.

Those of you who have been reading this blog avidly will know that I am a Medium who has been honing my skills for some years now by studying with The College of Psychic Studies in London.

I am due to attend a week of Mediumship development at the Arthur Findlay College at the end of August, as long as the week can still take place in light of Covid-19.

The Arthur Findlay College is the home of spiritual and psychic development here in the UK, and they run intensive week long development courses.

As I watched this video of Judith in Trance, (she is actually a former President of the SNU and former Principle of the Arthur Findlay College) I felt my spirit guide’s presence and they brought to me the message in yesterday’s blog.

I don’t talk about Mediumship that much in real life or even that much on this blog, because as you can imagine, not many people understand, believe or trust Mediumship.

I mostly focus on my psychic ability day to day, though I connect with my guides in daily mediation.

I have conducted just one formal in-person Mediumship reading (outside of development circles) for a friend and his dad.


My friend described it afterwards as powerful.


As Mediums we call sitting in the energy of spirit “The Power”.


We talk of holding “The Power” and maintaining “The Power”.


This night, last week, I felt The Power in my room and it reminded me just how moving Mediumship can be.


Despite my trepidation around working more as a Medium, it is a profoundly healing gift that I have been blessed with.

For the first time ever on this journey of mine, last week, I realised The Power has the power to transcend my fear.

Much love Txx

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