Last Night’s Meditation: Bridging The Gap

afterglow architecture bridge building

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During this meditation I saw a drawbridge. 

The message was clearly about boundaries, allowing access to my essence to be something I control, letting things in and keeping things back accordingly.

I have been working on my boundaries for quite some time now, and this nifty little trick of not becoming too rigid feels like the next step.

Some things are meant to be let in, some things are not. It is my choice and decision, but flexibility is key.

Also, where can I allow a gap between me and another to be bridged?

In many ways this time is allowing us to to reach parts of ourselves long neglected.

 It is also a time where we can reach out to others we have also neglected.

If this happens to us, if someone reaches out to us to bridge a gap, will we act like a drawbridge and retract, or will we act like a drawbridge and allow?

Much love Txx

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